Enterprises in rural environments ar operational in Associate in Nursing arena of utmost and fast modification. However, despite the popularity that entrepreneurship is one in every of the first aspects through that rural economic development is achieved, inquiry on rural entrepreneurship is comparatively thin and this idea remains for the most part unknown. Appreciating the requirement for and connection of understanding abstract paradigm of rural entrepreneurship, Rural Entrepreneurs and also the role plays by the chosen biological process establishments within the creation of small and little village enterprises has been well-tried substantially important. Rural entrepreneurship is presently at the main target of abundant theoretical, sensible and political interest. This paper examines and assess the performance of choose government sponsored self employment generating programs for rural folks similarly because the performance of biological process establishments (like NABARD, KVIC & HKVIB, HSIIDC, HFC, SIDO, DICs and DRDA) and their role in developing and fostering rural enterprises within the state of Haryana. The appraisal of those entrepreneurship development establishments in Haryana will definitely give a comprehensive image of varied institutional found out to push the expansion of entrepreneurship in rural areas similarly because the programs and activities that facilitate promoting potential entrepreneurs specially in rural areas and foster rural entrepreneurship.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Rural Entrepreneurship, small rural enterprises, Rural industrial enterprise, Development establishments and Agencies.

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