Women empowerment in India has a major issue for the government of India because people are not aware about the importance of women empowerment in the society. People are unaware because they are illiterate on largest number and that is the reason this issue cannot be taken seriously on a great level. Education of women in India has a big issue for government and civil society because educated women can perform their role in the development of a country very well. But in India, women are not able to complete their primary education easily. They have to survive in many difficulties to get their primary education. If we see the illiteracy rate of women in the world then we will find India on a top list of the world because in our country illiteracy rate of women has in largest number in the world. Though we aware about the importance of education but in this male dominating world, women are neglected away from education for a long time. We need to change the mindset of the people because they think that to invest money on the education of daughters is useless and vain. But now this mindset is changing in the urban areas on a great level because people are investing their money on the education of their daughters as well as they do on their sons. But we see that in rural areas, people are still not investing money on the education of their daughters as they do on the education of their sons. But even there are many changes come in the mentality of people towards girls’ education.

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