The aim of education is the development of the all round personality of the individual. A balanced emotional development contributes significantly to the development of integrated, harmonious personality development of the individual.  Emotional adjustment is one of the influencing factors of personality as it governs the individual’s reaction towards people and situation and determines the quality of one’s behavior. Emotional Adjustment as measured through this inventory in an assessment of factors such as sense of personal worth and satisfaction with self. This study attempts to measure the level of emotional adjustment of higher secondary school students. The sample consists of 300 higher secondary school students. The Emotional Adjustment Inventory was constructed and standardized by Huge-M-Bell (1934). Survey method was employed to describe and interpret what exists at present. The findings reveal that higher secondary school students differ in their emotional adjustment based on gender, locale and type of family, did not differ based on their medium of instruction and parental income.

Keywords: Emotional adjustment, Higher secondary school students.

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