Values are the guiding principles of life that contribute to the all round development of an individual.
Values give meaning and strength to an individual’s character by occupying a central place in his/her life. In
ancient India, the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Epics manifested and upheld the values and were the backbone of
every individual. But in the present day world, there is a drastic depletion of values among the individuals, due
to population explosion, industrialization and globalization, influence of western culture and so on irrespective
of caste, creed, race, religion and society. To overcome the problems of the present era, i.e. caste system, child
labour, gender inequality, ill-treatment and violence against women, poverty, violence, terrorism and many such
evils, inculcation of values among individuals and promotion of values in educational system, as well as society,
is highly essential. At this juncture, the author felt the need to focus on value education and the role of teacher in
imparting values to the students and also, highlighted some of the approaches to inculcate values among the
students. Further, the author discussed the relationship between values and personality traits and focused on the
importance of values in career building of an individual and also for the societal development.
Keywords: Values, Personality Traits, Career Development, Societal Needs etc.

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