CROSS CULTURAL COMPETENCE By S.Tephillah Vasantham[1] and Dr.J.Karunyal Samuel[2]


Cross-cultural competence is not an end, but is a set of variables that contribute to intercultural effectiveness. Previous models have tended to emphasize subjective outcomes, by focusing primarily on adjustment; outcomes of interest here include both subjective and objective outcomes. Objective outcomes, such as job performance, have been addressed in previous research, but to a lesser degree than the subjective outcomes. Research indicates that the outcomes are linked, with personal and interpersonal adjustment linked to work adjustment, which has in turn been linked with job performance (Shay & Baack, 2006).

Keywords: Cross cultural competency, Cross culture, Intercultural effectiveness, Components of cross culture.

[1] Lecturer, The American College, Madurai

[2] Dean, The American college, Madurai

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