HandloomWeavers’ Awareness LEVEL about Government Schemes: A study in Erode District of Tamil Nadu By Dr.A.Selvaraj, and N.Tamilarasi


Handloom Industry is an ancient cottage industry in India with a decentralized set up, spread throughout the length and breadth of the country. The industry provides direct and indirect employment to several lakhs of people who are engaged in pre-loom, post-loom and marketing activities. The handloom weavers constitute the largest work force next only to agriculture in India.  The unique feature of the industry is its ability to provide employment to a large number of persons with far less average capital employed per worker compared to the other sectors of the textile industry,i.e., mill and power loom. By keeping this, the present study deals with the awareness level of weavers about Government schemes in Erode District of Tamil Nadu. The findings also indicated that the most of the sample weavers no aware about Government schemes.

Keywords: Awareness, Handloom sector, Agricultural labour, Weavers, Government Schemes.

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